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SPITA Resq-tape is one of the many products delivered by G&G.
Since the start in 1995 G&G is a key supplier of magnetic media
and tape recycling to the broadcast industry (more information
under "history").

The focal point of our relationship is to achieve savings for our
customers under the slogun ("You Can Save A Lot of Money").

G&G delivers only high-quality products at reasonable prices,
with the specific needs of our valued costumers.
SPITA ResQ-tape is one of our latest developments.

It has some unique 
features and has infinite use:

* as insulation tape (on all cables and connectors),
  all connections
  and easy to remove, leaving no residue at all.
* for emergency repairs ( fast fusing for permanent seal of leaks
  on hoses and pipes)
More information about all the products of G&G you can find on our
general website: www.spita.eu

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