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SPITA ResQ tape is made of pure silicone, to which no adhesives have been added.
The tape sticks only to itself when two layers make contact with each other. The bonding between the layers occurs by using the energy stored in the tape. The energy is activated by removing the special protective film attached to each layer. The bonding process can be accelerated / reinforced by stretching the tape or pressing the layers together.

First remove the transparent protective film.Press the tape firmly onto the object to be wrapped, hold the tape in place and apply the first layer completely overlapping.Hold the tape in place and stretch the tape as far as possible for good adhesion, while wrapping the tape further half overlapping.To complete wrapping of object, wrap SPITA ResQ-tape completely over previous layer and press firmly.

In case of a pressure leak (e.g. on a water pipe or gas pipe) the tape should be stretched MAXIMUM, i.e. to the "LIMIT" (the point where you cannot stretch the tape further).

SPITA ResQ tape is a silicone product. SPITA ResQ tape remains flexible even after processing. This means that the material can expand when pressure is involved (so-called "ballooning"). Maximum stretching to the limit creates pressure resistance: the tape will not get any longer and will withstand the pressure.

ATTENTION: You must remove the protective liner before stretching!

When used as insulating tape, the tape only requires stretching 10 - 50%. Stretching is only necessary to wrap the tape smoothly (without wrinkles) for optimal bonding. When used as a an alternative for a heat shrink tube (to waterproof the connector's cable entry), stretch the tape sufficiently and wrap it tightly so that moisture cannot creep under the tape.

SPITA ResQ tape is a silicone product. Even after processing, SPITA ResQ tape remains flexible. This prevents long-term damage to the cables, as the tape cannot break or become brittle (prevents against moisture penetrating the assembly).

ATTENTION: You must remove the protective liner before stretching!


1) SPITA ResQ-tape can be used on both sides.

2) Maximum (fast) bonding is achieved by stretching the tape and / or press
the tape down on the previous layer.

3) SPITA ResQ-tape does not have to be applied in one piece.
    (it usually works easier to apply multiple short pieces).

4) Repositioning is only possible within a few seconds of application.

5) SPITA ResQ-tape is not reusable.

6) A new layer can always be applied on earlier applied material 
(also after many years)

7) The fusing process creates a UV resistant tape,
that can remain in place permanently.

8) SPITA ResQ-tape has a shelflife of at least 10 years when stored in the dark
at a cool place
 (protection against UV-rays).

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