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ResQ-plast is the most versatile fingerplaster / bandage for craftsmen, etc.

ResQ-plast is easy to apply, even on wet, dirty or greasy / oily fingers and hands.

ResQ-plast is easy to use:

1.Fold the tape a few times to create a dressing..
2.The dressing can be placed directly onto the wound*.
3.Stretch the tape a little and wrap 4 - 5 times around the finger.
4.Tear the tape and securely press the
loose end onto itself to secure it.

(*) We recommend to treat the wound with a suitable disinfectant before applying the dressing!

only sticks onto itself (like hook&loop tape) and will remain flexible at all times and it will not hinder the moves of your joints.

ResQ-plast is
available in lengths of 4,5 meter & 
10 meter
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for complete range
For dealers we have special point-of-sale material available upon request.

Benefits of ResQ-plast:

  • Doesn’t stick to skin or wound.
  • Leaves no sticky residu on skin after removal.
  • Permanently breathable.
  • Permanently stretchable and doesn't hinder normal use of fingers.
  • Is water resistant and doesn't come off when washing hands.

ResQ-plast is approved to be used as medical device for personal use 

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